How to install JetBrains Mono on Ubuntu and enable in Sublime?

JetBrains recently released JetBrains Mono fonts for free.

It is very friendly to developers as the font has,

  • Increased height and letter spacing for a better reading experience(study says we spend 80%+ time on reading code)

without ligatures

  • Code-specific ligatures merges multiple symbols helps eyes to process less

Without Ligature without ligatures

With Ligaturewithout ligatures

  • And it’s free & open source

How install in Ubuntu?

Download and Install

Option 1

Use browser to download zip from Jetbrains Mono page and unzip it in ~/.local/share/fonts/ to use it for specific user or /usr/share/fonts for system wide use.

Option 2

Use command line

$ wget
$ unzip

To use it for specific user:

$ mv JetBrainsMono-*.ttf ~/.local/share/fonts/

To use it sysem-wide:

$ sudo mv JetBrainsMono-*.ttf /usr/share/fonts/

How to enable in Sublime Text?

Download latest version from here

In sublime,

  1. Open Preferences > Settings
  2. Add "font_face": "JetBrains Mono" on the User’s pref
  3. Save (Ctrl+S)

without ligatures

Thant’s it!